In 1988, I went to Israel to continue my studies. Eight years later, after working in several textile and clothing industries, and as a Shenkar’ Textile Designer, I was back to Rio de Janeiro.

I perceive that drawing, painting, printing, photography and textiles are experiences intertwined, and dissipate, in a particular way, the possible frontiers between Art and Design.

The Master's degree with emphasis in use of natural fibers as a sustainable alternative for Architecture and Design, and the rich universe of Botanical Illustration, deepened my senses on issues related to nature. Consequently, my interest in their cycles, structures, colors and forms has increased.

I´ve been working in my studio in Rio de Janeiro for more than two decades, mixing techniques and materials (graphite, ink, acrylic, watercolor), developing monotypes and textiles (knitting, printing, weaving, felting, natural dyeing, shibori and tie-dye), and register my process trough photography.

I also have artworks in permanent exhibition at Galeria Dom Quixote, since 2010, and now, my studio in a rural area of Rio de Janeiro allows me a closer perception of nature and its cycles.




Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Ramat Gan, Israel


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Master in Design
"Modular Textile Systems as use of natural fibers: a sustainable alternative in Architecture & Design"
Area of research: DESIGN AND SOCIETY
Living Design Lab - Dept. Arts and Design. 

Textile and Clothing Design Management Course
(1st Place) – Design Institute/ Lectra Systèmes. 

Bachelor in Textile Design 
Areas of research: Knitting (1st Specialization) / Printing (2nd Specialization). 

Bachelor in Industrial Design
Areas of research: Industrial Design and Visual Communication.